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Isku Aadka Wareega Group-yada Koobka UEFA Champions League Oo La Sameeyay.

Isku Aadka Tartanka Horyaalka Yurub Champions League 2018/2019 ayaa goor dhow la sameeyay iyadoo ay kooxo adag ay isku aadeen.

Gurubyada ugu adadag ayaa waxaa ka mid ah guruubka H oo ay ku wada jiraan Valencia, Manchester United, Juventus iyo Young Boys.

Sidoo kale waxa fooda is dari doona kooxo waaweyn sida kooxda Liverpool,PSG iyo Napoli.

Halkan hoose ka aqriso sida ay kooxaha isugu soo  beegmeen

 Group A:

Atletico Madrid

Borussia Dortmund


Club Brugge

Group B:




Inter Milan

Group C:

Paris Saint Germain.



Red Star Belgrade

Group D:

Lokomotiv Moscow




Group E:

Bayern Munich



AEK Athens

Group F:

Manchester City

Shakhtar Donetsk



Group G:

Real Madrid


CSKA Moscow

Viktoria Plzen

Group H:


Manchester United


Young Boys

Xog: Xukumadda Kheyre oo xil weyn u magacowday Faarax Macallin

 In muddo ah, siyaasiga caanka ah ee reer Kenya Farax Macallin Dawaar waxa uu ku soo noq noqonayey Muqdisho.

Siyaasiga ayaa sido kale taageero weyn u muujiya xukumadda uu madaxda ka yahay Xassan Cali Kheyre isaga oo marar badan tallaabooyinka dowladda ku soo amaana bartiisa Twitter-ka.

Waxaa sidoo kale xusad mudan in soo dhaweyn loogu sameeyey dhawr bil kahor Hotel Xaawo Taako halkaas oo uu kula hadlay qaar ka mid ah xubnaha ka tirsan dowladda.

Su’aasha la’is weydiiyey ayaa ah maxay tahay saameynta intaa le’eg ee ay dowladdan ku leedahay hoggaamiyaga aan afkaartiisa la gabban ee reer Keya?

Caasimadda Online oo u kuur gashay arinta ayey ilo ka ag dhaw xafiiska Raisul Wasaaraha u sheegeen in Faarax Macallin Dawaar yahay la taliyaha gaarka ah ee Xassan Cali Kheyre.

Waxaa xusid mudan in Faarax Macallin iyo Xassan Cali Kheyre ay saaxiibo isku dhaw muddo ahaayeen

madaxweynaha somaliland oo furay shirweyne lagaga tashanayo shaqa abuurka dhalinyarada somalialnd

madaxweynaha somaliland oo furay shirweyne lagaga tashanayo shaqa abuurka dhalinyarada somalialnd



Welcoming, Emboldening and Take Care Message to the New President of the Somali Region!

After weeks of political instability, haphazard and disarray situation, Mustafa Dhagjar was appointed the president of the Somali region in order to run the region the remaining two years mandate of the ruling party in Somali region. Dhagjar was renowned human rights activist and outspoken person. His nomination as a president becomes ironically, because he was not member of the ruling party in the Somali region. According to the rules of procedures of the ruling party in the Somali region , says” anyone who becomes the president of the Somali region must be a member of the Somali region’s parliament, so Mustafa is going to be Acting president until he joins the parliament.

Democratization of Ethiopia: Short-time Pain, but long-time Gain

In every change across the world have its own challenges and opportunities. Explicitly, departing from a hundreds of years of dictatorship to slash democratization is not something easy to undertake, it entails precaution and cool minds. In the short time pain, it may cause security fragility, because this country tends and behaves to tight the security by any means, so this transition period can cause unprecedented damage especially the Ethiopian security apparatus. In the long-time gain, this brilliant and milestone can lead and propel a lasting peace, democracy, prosperity, development, political stability and all inclusiveness. Because each and every one of the society get his/her rights without exception and discrimination

There is a drastic need for grassroots change in Ethiopia

Ethiopia used to run centuries and centuries a fiefdom regime and that regime tend and behave to deprive the citizens their own rights either political, economic and freedom of speech which stipulates and promulgates all the International Human rights Conventions including Universal Declaration of Human rights which was adopted 1948. In this respect, EPRDF the ruling party in Ethiopia for the last three decades tend such kind of oppression and lack of freedom. Moreover, the political structure of EPRDF is unfair and there are apparent disparities. For instant, EPRDF is formed and united only four parties from four kilal (State) namely: Oromo, Amhara, Tigray and Southern Societies or Dabub, out of the nine states which Ethiopia is currently consisted of. So, this means, EPRDF represents and protects only the rights of those four Administrations which are unfair. Additionally, EPRDF listens and reflects only the demands and the wishes of those four states while ignoring and disregarding the other five states. So, they pressure and propel the other five regional administration to accept forcibly the policies of EPRDF without asking them whether they like or unlike to their policies and guidelines. So, EPRDF policy which reflects only four out of nine states is just like inviting vegetarians to barbecue!



Somali Region encounters misrepresentation at the Federal Level!

In federal level, the Somali region has no a genuine representation. Politically, the MPs of the federal government of the Somali region is 24 MPs and the Tigray region gets 38 MPs. So, you can see the disparity.

In this regard, the population of the Tigray region is half of the Somali region’s population, Somalis community is the third humongous population in Ethiopia and they are receiving a less quota which Tigray receives , knowing that the Tigray people is one of the minority communities in Ethiopia , so you can see the hallmark!. In the federal troops including the military, police and intelligence, Somali region gets less representation. In the Administration level, the staff from the Somali region is very rare in the federal level. For example, the immigration, if someone from the Somali region goes to the Addis Ababa so as to receive the Ethiopian passport, he/she get shocked! Because all Ethiopian communities get the passport smoothly and plainly, but Somali community is hard and rare to offer them the passport, and this refers to several justifications including:-

  • The representatives of the Somali region in the Immigration are a few people compare to the other regions in Ethiopia
  • Even those few people representing the Somali region are not loyal to the Somali region, but they tend ruthless actions which are against the people they represent. They refuse to offer them the passport and sometimes they cut their (Mutawaqiya), the national ID card, and sometimes they refer to federal CID to face interrogation and ultimately goes to jail them. And this ruthless and relentless actions fizzle outs the Somali community! So, you can anticipate the difference between the Somali community and other communities in Ethiopia.

Somalis: The Permanent Victim in Ethiopia!

If you look back at the history of Ethiopia, every change and regime takes the power oppresses and violates the rights of the Somali community in Ethiopia. For instant, the long time of Amhara administration leading by Atto Mengistu Haile Mariam who was leading the country since 1977- 1991 tends and acts to kill, torture and mistreat the Somali ethnic group in Ethiopia. The next administration which was leading by Tigray ethnic group , especially Atto Males Zenawi sustains and continues to oppress and mistreat them. Furthermore, Malez tends to retaliate the Amhara ethnic group who was running the country the largest period of time in ethiopia’s history. But the shocking and stunning was , Males uses as proxy the former president of Somali Region Atto CMC in order to fights against the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups who are the first and second largest segments of Ethiopia. And this deepens and exacerbates the feud among Amhara and Oromo one side and Somalis the other side.

After long time closely to three decades from now of Tigray administration, Amhara and Oromo ethnic prevail and win to step down the Tigray regime. Oromo immediately takes the lead to run the country for the remaining two years time of EPRDF mandate. But the other misfortune is, Oromo embarks instantly to target and revenge the Somali community which serves and contributes the brutality and discrimination policy which is against the Somali ethnic group in Ethiopia. The other stunning is, Abiy, the new prime minister of Ethiopia acts so meek and mild when Oromo kills daily the Somali community in Ethiopia! And he refers his misdeed and negligence to the former president of Somali region saying he was serving the tigray the former regime of Ethiopia.

Who’s to blame the previous misdeed in Ethiopia?

If we immerse a little bit, the former Tigray regime’s fault and misdeed against the other ethnic groups in Ethiopia, who is going to take the responsibility? In my point of view, EPRDF was leading the country for the last thirty years, and every action which takes place in Ethiopia either positive or negative refers to them. Because they were imposing and dictating their policy to the whole country and the regional administrations were mimicking and mocking to their policy weather they wish or unwished.

Abiy’s role in EPRDF

Ahmed was served as the former army intelligence officer in Ethiopian government and he becomes the ministry of science and technology. Explicitly, he is the one who imposes to cut off the internet and lock the mobiles if any region in Ethiopia tries to antagonize and criticize the federal actions. But ridiculously, currently when he becomes the head of state, he tends that he was not in room when EPRDF oppressing the indigenous people and enforcing an audacious policy. Dude! So, it is unfair to abuse and mistreat the Somali region’s administration, but the mistreatment and vetting process should be the whole previous administration including EPRDF and the current prime minister in Ethiopia in order to meet a lasting peace and justice discourse.

Preliminary pledges of the new president in the Somali region

Atto Dagjar, the new president of the Somali region announces a milestone and brilliant promises during his few days in power and he gains immediately a warm welcome with applause in the Somali region and the Somalis across the region. His promises and actions includes:-

  • He returns the previous Flag of the Somali region and its Song
  • He proposes and begins himself whole forgiveness within the Somalis and the other communities in Ethiopia especially the Oromo ethnic group as longest they are neighbor and share more cultures and values including the Islamic Religion
  • He unleashes the freedom of speech and human rights, except instigating a fighting among the Somali tribes in the Somali region and the other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Also he strongly prohibits insulting our Islamic religion and he emphasizes to keep the ethics when pushing back something including the government’s actions and its leaders.
  • Also he declares to recruit the people based on meritocracy system not nepotism and political patronage.
  • Also he denies that he is not going to revenge anyone as longest he is a former victim. Because the previous administration in the Somali region kills his brother and deports some of his family


Challenges and opportunities to his Preliminary Pledges

In a country which experiences a centuries of dictatorship is not easy to impose and enforce a democracy system. So, democratization in Ethiopia generally is quite tricky and defy. In more specific to the Somali region is much harder than the other regions in Ethiopia. Because they lack the basic and the endowment rights of the human being. So, it is a long way to go and it entails a lot of dedication, sacrifice, solidarity and unity.

Expectations from the New President

The previous administration of the Somali region focuses improving the infrastructure, beefing up and building a strong troop such as the Liyuu Police (Special Police). So, this new administration is anticipating to:-

  • Keep and protect the human rights as primary responsibility
  • To reach the region a free and fair election , after ends the remaining two years of the ruling party’s mandate in the Somali region
  • To advocate and takes the Ethiopian government the rights of the Somali region
  • To improve the relationship among the Somali community and Oromo ethnic group.
  • To deter prevent any potential conflict and clashes among the Somali tribes in the Somali region
  • To end a long standing believes and superstition of Ethiopian ethnic groups particularly Amhara, Oromo and Tigray which is that , the Somali region’s land is owned by Ethiopian government, but the people live in who is the Somali community are not Ethiopian citizens! And this discrimination causes and propels to deny the rights of the Somali community. So, this fancy conception must be exterminated!
  • Not target the technocrats of the previous administration unless they become and show dereliction


Hotspot issues!

  • To stay away to exploit him Oromo to revenge the Tigray and former Somali officials as same the former regime of Tigray uses to revenge the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups
  • Not to accept the humiliation quota of the natural resource in the Somali region which the prime minister announces deliberately and unripe manner that he is offering the Somali region 5% the Gas/Oil which has been found and discovered the Somali region especially (Korahey) Region and which is currently functional.
  • To reject the proposal of Ethiopian government towards the Gas/Oil pipelines to import the Eritrean ports and alternatively suggest to refer the Somalia or Djibouti ports
  • The Somali region did not include the fabricant of the Ethiopian constitution and its referendum, so there is a need to include the process of adopting and voting the articles of the constitution. Because they cannot take and accept what they did not aware of.

Ethiopian government must compensate the Meddling and intruding the Somali region and its damage!

Oromo insist and continue killing the Somali ethnic group since their demonstrations begin in 2016 which was against the previous regime of Tigray. Since then, they target the Somali community mainly the students who are studying and learning under their territory, the travelers, those reside their land who are all of them innocent people. More specific, when Abiy takes the power Oromo doubled and augmented their envious and brutal actions against the Somali community. Abiy becomes blind and deaf the misdeed of his origin ethnic group. So, the Ethiopian government leading by the prime minister must compensate the lost and the damage of the Somali community, and also must be stood in front of the justice the perpetrators, otherwise there is no justice in the ground. In the mean time, when Ethiopian troops intruded the Somali region especially Jigjiga , the capital city, they killed several people and tortured enormous, so all that crime must be counted and compensated.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir : (Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher)

AL Shabaab oo Sheegtay Qarax Muqdisho ka Dhacay iyo Qasaaraha

Khasaaro dhimasho iyo dhaawac ah ayaa ka dhashay qarax gaari laga soo buuxiyey waxyaabaha qarxa loo adeegsaday oo Maanta ka dhacay meel u dhow Koontorool ciidamada Dowladda ku leeyihiin Taalada Xaawa taako lagana ilaaliyo Xarunta Madaxtooyada Soomaaliya.

Goobta uu qaraxa ka dhacay oo ah afaafka hore ee Maqaayada Dalsan ayaa waxaa ku yaalla Goob inta badan ay istaagaam  Gawaarida ku wajahan dhinaca Madaxtooyada, iyada oo qofka wata uu kasoo dago kadibna uu soo aado Koontoroolka Ciidanka si uu u tuso kaarkiisa Aqoonsiga kadibna uu sidaasi ku gudbo.

Ku dhowaad 5ruux ayaa la sheegay in qaraxaasi ay ku geeriyoodeen halka dhaawacuna uu intaasi ka badan yahay,waxaana la sheegay in xilliga qaraxa uu dhacayay ay Goobta ku sugnaayeen gawaari kale, kuwaas oo ku wajahnaa dhinaca Madaxtooyada.,isla markaana burbur uu soo gaaray.

Al-Shabaab ayaa sheegtay mas’uuliyadda qaraxaas, iyaga oo sheegay inay qarax ku weerareen koontorool laga ilaaliyo Madaxtooyada, isla markaana ay ku dileen Ciidamo ku sugana koontoroolka.


Xildhibaano ka Tirsan Baarlamaanka oo Diiday Natiijada Shirkii Nairobi

Waxaa isa soo tarayo Xildhibaanada katirsan Golaha Shacabka ee Baarlamaanka kuwaas oo diidan natiijada ka soo baxday shirkii magaalada Nairobi ee caasimadda dalka Kenya ku yeesheen Madaxweynayaasha Soomaaliya iyo Kenya.

Qoraalo ay soo dhigeen bartooda Facebook iyo twitter ayey ku sheegeyn in Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya uu qiyaamay umadda Soomaaliyeed islamarkaana uu Kenya uga tanaasulay damaceeda Badda Soomaaliya sida ay hadalka u dhigeen.

“Madaxweynaha waxa uu ka tanaasulay murankii badda iyo dacwada ICJ, waxa uu qiyaanay dalka iyo dadka mana ka yeeli doono”, ayuu yiri Xildhibaan Mahad Salaad oo katirsan Golaha Shacabka ee Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya.

“Sida laga sheegay Telefishinka Qaranka Itoobiya Soomaaliya waa ka tanaasushay dhulka lagu murusan yahay, halka Villa Somalia ay marin habaabineyso shacabka Soomaaliyeed”, ayuu yiri Mahad Salaad oo qoraal soo dhigay bartiisa Facebook.

Xildhibaan Axmed Macalim Fiqi oo asagana ka hadlay arintaan ayaa ku tilmaamay qiyaano lamid ah tii qalbi dhagax oo kale laakiin ay noqon doonto mid aan la’isaga harin sida uu hadalka u dhigay.

“Marin habaabin been ah ayey wadaa Villa Somalia, badii waa iib geysay, sidii qalbi dhagax”, ayuu ku yiri qoraal uu bartiisa soo dhigay Xildhibaan Fiqi.

“Itoobiya waxay sheegtay in ubucda khilaafka laga hadlay lana xaliyay, Farmaajo warkiisa waa been balse tani laga yeeli maayo sidii qalbi dhagax oo kale”, ayuu hadalkiisa sii raaciyey Xildhibaan Axmed Macalim Fiqi.

Sidoo kale arintaan waxaa ka hadlay Xildhibaan Cabdirisaaq Cumar Maxamed oo katirsan Golaha Shacabka ee Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya. Qoraal uu ku daabacay bartiisa Twitter-ka ayuu ku sheegay in Madaxweynaha uu ka tanaasulay murankii badda.

“Sida lagu sheegay barta Reysal Wasaaraha Itoobiya, ubucda khilaafka ayaa la xaliyay wadahadalna waa laga galay, mid kalane waa loo balamay”, ayuu yiri Xikdhibaan Cabdirisaaq Cumar Maxamed oo katirsan Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya.

Arintaan ayaa noqotay hadal heynta ugu wayn ee xalay iyo maanta ka taagan baraha bulshada ee Internet-ka. Warbaahinta dalalka Kenya, Somalia iyo Itoobiya ayaa siyaabo kale kala duwan wax uga qoray arintan.

Xafiiska Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya ma jirto faah faahin dhaafsiisan qoraalka kooban ay soo saareen oo warbaahinta lala wadaagay. Walaac xoog leh ayaa ka taagan Soomaaliya oo arintaasi ku aadan waxaana la dhowrayaa hadalka Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya.

Dag Dag Qarax Xoogan oo Muqdisho ka Dhacay

Goordhow ayaa waxaa qarax xoogan oo jugtiisa laga maqlay degmooyinka Gobolkan Banaadir waxa uu ka dhacay agagaarka Maqaayadaha Dalsan oo ku taalla inta u dhaxeysa Taalada Xaawa Taako iyo Godka Jilacow.

Gaari laga soo buuxiyey waxyaabaha qarxa ayaa la sheegay in uu halkaasi ku qarxay,waxana qaraxa kadib la maqlay rasaas xoogan.

Ciidanka Dowladda Soomaaliya iyo saraakiisha gurmadka dag daga ah ee Caafimaadka ayaa goobta ku sugan hada.

Dibadbax Looga soo Horjeedo Tacadiyada Ciidanka Dowladda oo Muqdisho Ka Dhacay

Dadkan careysan ayaa waxaa ay banaanbax ka dhigayaan Isgoyska Sanca ee Magalada Muqdisho,waxana ay xireen Isgoyska, iyaga oo u diidaya inay isticmaalaan Gaadiidka moocyadiisa kala duwan.

Mid ka mid ah banaanbaxayaasha ayaa warbaahinta Magalada Muqdisho waxa uu u sheegay in sababta ay u banaanbaxayaan ay tahay, kadib markii ciidamo ka tirsan Dowladda ay dileen darawal Mooto Bajaajle ahaa kadibna uu baxsaday.

Dadka banaanbaxa dhigaya oo isugu jira dad waaweyn iyo Carruur ayaa Wadada laamiga ah ee Isgosyka Sanca waxa ay ku gubeen taayaro,iyaga oo sidoo kale dhagxaan waaweyn wadada dhigay si aysan gaadiidka u marin,waxaana ay dalbanayaan in cadaalada la hor keeno dadkii ka dambeeyey dilkaas.

Wararka qaar aan heleyno ayaa waxaa ay sheegayaan in sidoo kale Ciidamada dowladda ay dhaawaceen laba ruux oo kale oo watay Mooto Bajaaj,waxana ciidamada falkaasi geystay ay ka tirsan yihiin kuwa minashiibiyada,kuwaas oo saakay Isgoyska Sanca ka bilaabay baaritaan ay ku xaqiijinayaan Gaadiidka taargadooda.

Isgoyska Sanca ayaa dhowr jeer waxaa ciidamo ka tirsan dowladda ay si bareer ah ugu toogteen Darawalada Mooto Bajaaj,waxana ka dhashay banaabaxyo rabshado watay, iyada oo ugu dambeyn xal laga gaaray.

Dag Dag Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo Kenya u Safray

Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo iyo Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Itoobiya Mudane Abiy Axmed ayaa goor dhaw u duulay Nairobi si dib loogu soo celiyo, loona xoojiyo xiriirka diblomaasiyadeed ee Soomaaliya iyo Kenya.

Dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa aqbashay in wadahadal uu dhexmaro Soomaaliya iyo Kenya , kaasoo ku saleysan Muranka Badda ee ka dhex taagan labadda dal.

Madaxweynaha Kenya ayaa maalmihii ugu dambeeyay ku sugnaa Magaalada Addis Ababa, waxaana uu ra’iisul Wasaaraha Itoobiyo kala hadlay Khilaafka kala dhaxeeya Soomaaliya.

Kulanka Madaxweyne Farmaajo iyo Raiisul-Wasaare Abih Ahmed

Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo oo Maanta booqasho ku tagay dalka Itoobiya ayaa kulan waxa uu la qaatay Ra’iisul Wasaaraha dalkaas Abiy Axmed.

Kulanka ayaa labada dhinac waxa ay uga wada hadleen xoojinta xiriirka labada dal, nabadgelyada gobolka iyo dardargelinta is-dhexgalka dhaqaalaha Geeska Afrika.

In kastoo faah faahin dheeraad ah kulankaas Madaxtooyada Soomaaliya aysan  ka bixin ayaa waxa uu daba socdaa kulan Magalada Addis Ababa ay Axadii todobaadkaan ku yeesheen Ra’iisul Wasaare Abiy Axmed iyo Madaxweynaha Kenya oo khilaaf diblumaasiyadeed uu kala dhaxeeyo Soomaaliya.

Soomaaliya Itoobiya iyo Ereteriya ayaa dhawaan waxa ay sameysteen Isbaheysi Wadamada Geeska ah , hayeeshee Soomaaliya ayaa booqashadii Madaxweynaha Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta ee Wadamada Itoobiya iyo Eretriya waxa ay u aragtay mid lagu bur burinayo, taas oo keentay in Madaxweyne Farmaajo uu safar deg deg ah ku tago dalka Itoobiya.

Safarkan waxa Madaxweynaha ku wehelinaya Wasiiru Dowlaha Arrimaha Dibedda Mudane Cabdulqaadir Axmed Khayr iyo La-taliyayaal sarsare oo ka tirsan Madaxtooyada Qaranka.

Farmaajo iyo Fahad Yasiin Waxa ay u Dacwoodeen Itoobiya

C/raxmaan Cabdishakuur Warsame ayaa ka hadlay wararka sheegaya in maanta uu safar u yahay dalka Itoobiya Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed C/llaahi Farmaajo. CC Warsame ayaa sheegay in Madaxweyne Farmaajo uu ka sii horreeyay ku simaha Taliyaha hey’adda NISA Fahad Yaasiin iyo mas’uuliyiin kale.

C/raxmaan Cabdishakuur Warsame ayaa qoraal uu soo dhigay bartiisa Facebook waxa uu ku sheegay in Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya uu eshtako ka yahay siyaasadda saddex geesoodka cusub ee ka bilaawday Gobalka oo aan Soomaaliya ka soo muuqan.

“Madaxweynaha wuxuu u socdaa dalka Itoobiya, Waxaa ka sii horreeya taliyihiisa Nabadsugidda Waxaana maqlayaa in ay ashtako ka yihiin saddex geesoodka cusub ee shalay la yagleelay (Ethopia, Eriteriya iyo Kenya).”ayuu yiri C/raxmaan Cabdishakuur Warsame “Waxay kaloo dacwad ka yihiin casho sharaf uu Raysalwasaaraha Itoobiya u sameeyey madaxweynaha Kenya oo lagu casuumay wakiilka Somaliland u fadhiya dalka Itoobiya” ayuu hadalkiisa sii raaciyay CC Warsame.

Siyaasiga C/raxmaan C. Warsame ayaa sheegay in madaxda Dowladda Soomaaliya ay shacabka Soomaaliyeed u sheegayn in Soomaaliya ay gashay isbadal iyo horumar wanaagsan balse aysan jirin xaaladaasi sida uu hadalka u dhigay. “Hoggaanka dawladda markii ay xukanka dalka la wareegeen waxa ay si xamaas iyo laablakac leh ugu celceliyeen in Soomaaliya aysan tii hore ahayn”, ayuu yiri hogaamiyaha Xisbiga Wadajir CC Warsame.

“Waxay shacabka kula hadleen in ay Soomaaliya miisaankeedii soo ceshatay, haa iyo maya-na oran karto, oo ay tahay qaran madaxbannaani buuxda leh oo dooran kara halka ay ka gelayso isbahaysiyada Geeska Afrika iyo Gacanka Khaliijka ku loolamaya”, ayuu hadalkiisa sii raaciyay Siyaasiga CC Warsame.

“Siyaasadda arrimo dibadda waxaa lagu kala heybadaystaa hadba inta uu miisaankaagu la egyahay, awood ciidan iyo mid dhaqaale labadaba, saaxiibka aad leedahay ee aad dhabarkiisa ku dangiigto. Soomaaliya haatan ma laha saamayn togan (leverage) oo ay culays diblomaasiyadeed ku samayso, ayuu ku yiri qoraal uu soo dhigay bartiisa Facebook.

Hogaamiyaha Xisbiga Wadajir C/raxmaan Cabdishakuur ayaa sheegay in Soomaaliya ay ka soo kabaneyso bur-bur dhaqaale iyo mid ciidan loona baahan yahay dulqaad iyo in isha lagu laahyo sidii lagula noolaan lahaa wadamada weerarka ku ah Soomaaliya.

“Waa dal ku jira marxalad iyo geeddi-socod uu uga soo kabanayo burbur iyo colaad sokeeye oo muddo dheer ragaadisay, Waa dal aanan weli laheyn itaal qarannimo oo looga haybeysto, Nasiibdarro maanta looma arko Soomaaliya dal qaran awood buuxa leh” ayuu yiri CC Warsame.

“dawladdu ma laha awood ay ku ilaaliso gobonimada gudaha ee dalka (internal sovereignty) iyo gobonnimada dibedda (external sovereignty),gobonnimada gudaha waxaa ku haysta xoogag hubaysan sida Al-shabaab iyo kuwa aan hubaysnayn sida maamullada gobollada iyo Somaliland. Kuwa hubaysan waxaa ka ilaaliya ciidan ajnabi ah oo qaarkood dano toos ah ka leh Soomaaliya, kuwaasoo ciidankoodu uu ku jiro caloosho dalkeena” ayuu yiri CC Warsame

Madaxwyne Farmaajo oo Booqday Dhaawaxyadii Weerarkii Muqdisho


Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo, waxa uu aroornimadii hore ee saakay ku booqday Isbitaal Madiina dhaawacyadii kusoo waxyeeloobay weerarkii Khamiistii ee soo gaaray ilaa JImcihii ka dhacay Wadada Maka al-Mukaramah ee gestay dhimashada, dhaawaca iyo baaba’a hanti fara badan, oo soo gaartay dad shacab ah.

SONNA ayaa daabacday in uu Madaxweynuhu mid mid u dul istaagay dhaawacyada ku jira isbitaalkaas, si uu xog ogaal uga noqdo nuucyada waxyeelada kala duwan ee ka soo gaartay weerarkaas. Markaas kadib ayaa la sheegay inuu warbixin ka dhageystay Agaasimaha Isbitaalka, Dr. Maxamed Yuusuf, oo Madaxweynaha uga warramay xaaladda dhaawacyada ku jira Isbitaalka.

Farmaajo waa uu u mahadceliyey Isbitaalka, shaqaalihiisa iyo maamulkiisa, waxa uuna kula dardaarmay in ay sii xoojiyaan u gargaaridda bukaanka ku jira isbitaalka. Balse, Madaxweyne Farmaajo kama qorin SONNA waxa la xiriira sida uu u arko dhibta gaartay dhibbanayaasha uu buuqday, qorshaha dowladdiisa ee ilaalinta shacabka iyo fariinta uu arrintaas darteed la wadaagi lahaa Soomaaliya.

Maaha weerarkii ugu dambeeya oo kaliya ee sidaas oo kale, waxa uu Madaxweyne Farmaajo ka fogaaday inuu cambaareeyo weerarada Al-Shabaab, sida ay u danqineyso dhibta weeraradoodana  uu la wadaago shacabka. Waxaana, isaga oo ka aamusay dhib ka dhacday dalkiisa, uu  cambaareeyey kana tacsiyeeyey mid la mid ah, oo ka dhacday dal kale (Kenya), taas oo ay dad badan Baraha Bulshada isku weydiiyaan.

Rag Sheegtay in ay Dadka Dili jireen oo Gacanta lagu soo Dhigay


Maamulka degmada Wadajir iyo taliska Booliska Soomaaliyeed ayaa Saldhiga demadaas waxa ay kusoo bandhigeen Saddex Rag ah oo la sheegay inay Al-Shabaab u qaabilsanaayeen dilalka qorsheysan ee laga fuliyo degmooyinka Dharkenley iyo Wadajir ee Magaalada Muqdisho.

Ragaan lasoo qabtay oo Warbaahinta la hadlayay waxa ay sheegeen inay Al Shabaab u qaabilsanaayeen dilalka kana howlgalayaan degmooyinka Wadajir iyo Dharkenley.

Ragaan shabaab ka sheegtay ayaa xilliga lasoo qabanayay waxaa lasheegay in ay ku howlanaayeen sidii ay u dili lahaayeen Haween Qaad ku iibineysay Beerta Jaad kana mid aheyd Ergadii soo dooratay Xildhibaanada Golaha Shacabka.

Galmudug oo Cambaaraysay Ciidanka Dowladda oo La Wareegay Madaxtooyadii Galmudug

Agaasimaha Madaxtooyada Galmudug Maxamed Cabdi Aadan oo Saxaafadda kula hadlayay Gaalkacyo ayaa wax laga xumaado ku tilmaamay in Ciidamada NISA iyo kuwa Danab ay weerar ku qaadaan Xaruntii hore ee Madaxtooyada Cadaado.

Agaasimaha ayaa sheegay in aanan lagu soo wargelin sababta weerarkaas iyo inay la wareegaan Madaxtooyada, waxaana uu ku eedeeyay dowladda Federaalka “Waa nasiib darro in dowladda Federaalka oo amnigii dalka ku fashilantay, isla markaana  Muqdisho aan arkeyno in maalin walba qaraxyo ka dhacayaan inay haatan u gudubtay maamul goboleedyada”ayuu yiri Agaasimaha Madaxtooyada Galmudug.

Sidoo kale waxaa uu sheegay in Madaxweynaha Galmudug Axmed Ducaale Geelle Xaaf uu amar ku bixiyay in Ciidamada Daraawiishta ay heegan buuxa galana, ayna ka feejignaadaan cid kasta oo madax banaanidooda ku xadgudbeyso.

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